• Can I save money on my quality control analysis?

    Yes! Using NIR to analyse your samples will be cheaper than sending them away for wet chemistry analysis
  • How can I save money on my sample analysis?

    Investing in NIR can seem expensive to begin with but the long term benefits are numerous. Rather than analysing a small number of samples, with NIR you can analyse as many as you want! This means you are more likely to spot any changes in raw material or product quality, ensuring only in-specification material is used in and produced by your production processes. And since the results from NIR are delivered instantly, you no longer have to wait to make important business decisions. If a raw material is below specification, you can reformulate (or even reject it) immediately. 
  • Can I analyse incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products the same way?

    Absolutely. With Ingot calibrations you can analyse all your raw materials and your finished feeds on the same NIR machine.
  • Which NIR machine should I buy?

    There are a number of NIR machines available on the market from different manufacturers. Each machine is built for a specific application and the Aunir team are happy to advise you with your purchase. Ingot calibrations are available on nearly all NIR platforms so regardless of which machine you buy, you can be confident of the performance of your calibrations.
  • Can I get training for my NIR operators and other staff?

    Yes. All Aunir customers who take out support contracts with us have access to training. This is usually carried out at the Aunir offices in the UK, but we can arrange specific visits to your site to train staff if required. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.