A revolution in calibration delivery is coming

At Aunir we are very excited.

We are on the brink of a revolution in calibration delivery.

Aunir and Pork CRC in Australia have come together to make the AusScan calibrations available to customers all over the world via a new website; AusScan Online.

Are you curious to find out how much reactive lysine is in your raw material but you don't have the calibration? Would it be useful for you to know how much energy is in your cereal, but you can't justify the investment in a new calibration?

AusScan Online is the answer. 

The AusScan calibrations include all the normal proximate analyses you would expect and also; amino acids including reactive lysine, NSPs, and we're really excited about all the energy calibrations we can offer... AME for broilers and layers, ME for cattle and sheep, and faecal and ileal DE for pigs.  

You upload your spectra file to the website, select the calibration you want to use, receive the results directly on your computer screen and just pay for the information that you want, nothing else. We maintain the calibrations making sure they deliver the information you need. All the time. 

The website will be live very soon so watch out for more news about the launch. Once launched we will explain what you need to do to get access and use the website but if you'd like more information now, get in touch with Caroline