NIR workshop

Members of the Aunir team will be sharing their expertise in the field of near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy at a pioneering workshop in Gembloux, Belgium, on 27 March. Application specialists Rocio Garcia and Simon Flanagan will discuss the challenges and opportunities that come from working with large volumes of NIR data.

Organised as part of the EU’s Quality and Safety of Feeds and Food for Europe (QSAFFE) project, the NIR platform workshop will focus on the use of online technology and the detection of contaminants in NIR spectroscopy, as well as recent developments in NIR instrumentation. Along with Aunir, representatives from scientific research centres, universities and private companies will talk through the advantages of using NIR in their daily work.

Rocio Garcia said: “Aunir is delighted to be involved in the NIR platform workshop, which will help participants find out more about state-of-the-art NIR instruments, their possibilities, and application. The workshop will be of interest to anyone working in analytical research or industrial science, and promises to stimulate both lively debate and future collaboration.”

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