The first AusScan Online workshop highlights value of AusScan calibrations

Image: Dr. Charles Rikard-Bell, Pork CRC Manager, Commercialisation and Research Impact, presents at the first AusScan Online workshop held at the University of Sydney.

The first AusScan Online workshop was held in Sydney, Australia in February.

The event saw three speakers address the audience about the value of NIR and especially the AusScan calibrations which are based on over 20 years of research which includes in vivo measurement of parameters including energy values. 

It was these unique energy calibrations that captured the attention of Tony Edwards of ACE Consulting who spoke at the conference to promote their use. Mr. Edwards demonstrated the value of using these calibrations when adjusting formulations based on the reported energy values. He stressed that by knowing the energy value of grains before feeding livestock, nutritionists could provide more accurate formulations and confidently select the correct parcels of grains for composite diets.

Samantha Openshaw from Foss Australia was also at the event demonstrating the Foss 5000 NIR machine and highlighting how easy it is to extract spectra files ready to be uploaded to the AusScan Online website.

Ivan Ward from Agri-Torque discussed the use of NIR technology in feed mills and Aunir's own Chris Piotrowski spoke to the audience about the future of NIR which includes a move towards portable hand-held technology.  

The full press release is available to download by clicking here.

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