Introducing Fabio

In the coming issues of Light Bites, we'll give you some more information about members of the Aunir team.

Fabio Valle works for Aunir in Brazil as our Sales and Technical Manager, helping to develop Aunir products and NIR applications in the Latin American market.

He completed his undergraduate degree in Animal Science in 2008, and a Master's degree in Animal Nutrition in 2010 both from Paraná's Federal University. Fabio began his professional career working in the Animal Nutrition department of the largest Brazilian integrator where he was in charge of feed formulation for broilers, breeders and swine, and developed different trials related to animal nutrition.

As well as his native Portuguese, Fabio also speaks Spanish and English. And as you've seen in the Aunir video, he's a keen footballer too!

If you have any questions for Fabio (in any of his spoken languages), please email him by clicking here.