New name for the Proficiency Scheme

The Aunir makeover continues.... 

The Proficiency Scheme is getting a new name - it will be known as Ingot Check. And yes, we've given it a new logo too. We hope you like it!

For those of you who use the service, the name is the only thing that will change. 

If you don't use or know anything about Ingot Check, it is a service we offer to customers who want to check the performance of their NIR machines. Here's how it works.

  • Each month we send you (in the post) five samples. 
  • You scan these samples on your NIR machine and load the results onto the Ingot Check website
  • We scan the samples on our master NIR machine here in the Aunir laboratory
  • Using the master results, we send out an anonymised monthly report showing how your NIR machine is performing against ours, and against everyone elses.

So what? Why would you want to check your machine against anyone elses if you are getting the results you expect? Well, with this monthly check service, we can spot when your machine starts to drift (or give results that aren't quite right). We can also help you to implement corrections and biases for your samples based on the comparison with our master machine. 

Interested in having peace of mind that your NIR machine is performing consistently? Get in touch with Will to find out more information.