We're back!

What a week we had in Brazil for the NIR 2015 conference. Thank you to everyone who came to our stand to say hello.

Aunir were gold sponsors of this years event which was the 17th in the series. With 3 posters on display all week, we spoke to a number of people about our technical capabilities and we've now got a long list of projects to work on! More news on those developments in due course.

The conference was opened by Phil Williams, one of the founders of the NIR industry (he signed the purchase order for the first ever commercial NIR instrument back in the 70s while working for the Canadian grain association). And in contrast, there was an entire session of the agenda dedicated to portable NIR technology which goes to highlight the rapid and continual development in this exciting industry. You can take a look at all of the abstracts presented at the conference by visiting the NIR 2015 proceedings page here.

In the meantime, we want to say a big thank you to Celio and his team for organising and hosting on a wonderful event in Foz du Iguassu.

Here is the Aunir team on the stand... 


(From left to right is: Ali Gahkani, Victoria Lawrence, Caroline Noonan, Fabio Valle, Chris Piotrowski and Rocio Garcia) 

And here is a photograph that Caroline took at the Iguassu falls during our Wednesday afternoon social activity... an example of how mother nature makes light work beautifully!


We look forward to seeing you all in Copenhagen for NIR 2017. And congratulations to the Australians for winning the bid for the 2019 event. Good luck with all the preparations Roger!