Hadden Graham discussed NIR opportunities at Victam

Recent developments in NIR spectroscopy have the potential to substantially improve feed formulation precision and reduce losses associated with feed ingredient variability.

This was the topic of a talk given by Dr. Hadden Graham, Global Technical Director at Aunir's sister company AB Vista at Victam this year.

The Pig Feed Quality Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 31st March to 1st April.

Image: Dr. Graham speaking at the Pig Feed Quality Conference.

"NIR technology is already well established within the pork industry as a tool for feed quality control and quality assurance," stated Dr. Graham. "The latest developments in both hardware and software allow this use to be extended to provide extremely rapid and accurate predictions of the nutritional composition of feedstuffs. This not only allows more effective raw material purchasing decisions, but also enables diet formulations to be adjusted in real-time based on actual feed batch analysis, rather than standard book values."

The AusScan calibrations, which are available to everyone globally via AusScan Online, have now made it possible for feed manufacturers to predict energy values of raw materials as well as monitoring amino acid content and reactive lysine levels. The calibrations are based on a research which has taken place over the last 20 years and has measured parameters in vivo making them the only calibrations of their kind on the market. With information like this available to feed manufacturers, new levels of accuracy with formulations can be achieved, with huge potential cost savings.  

For more information about Dr. Graham's talk or AusScan Online, please get in touch with Caroline.