It has been a busy month for Aunir. As well as the NIR 2015 conference in Brazil, Aunir was also at the AFMA conference in South Africa. 

Our Commercial Manager, Reinhold Scheb (on the far right of the picture below) gave a talk on 'The Past, Present and Future of NIR'.

We've come a long way from the first commercial NIR application back in the 1970s. And the Aunir prediction is that there will be a revolution in NIR use, driven by the rise of the portable or hand-held NIR instruments. We are very pleased to be part of the team who is bringing NIR4 Farm to the market. This hand-held tool allows onsite analysis of forages. It is just available in the UK and Ireland at the moment, but watch this space for other markets and new applications soon... 


From left to right: Dr. Neil Dominy, Central Analytical Laboratories, Astral Operations; Simone Biggs, recipient of the Koos van der Merwe / AFMA Student of the Year Award; Liesl Breytenbach, Manager of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, AFMA; Evelyn Botha, Labworld, AFGRI Animal Feeds; and Reinhold