Have you ever wondered why you can't just make your own NIR calibrations? You have lots of samples, you generate lots of data, you manage your data well, surely that is all you need right?


What happens when the new harvest season comes around and it has been an exceptionally dry year? Or what happens when you change supplier and you get your raw materials from another country? Would your calibration be robust enough to cope with such big changes whilst delivering the results you need to make important decisions?

If you've built your calibration on a small set of data, probably not. If, like Aunir's Ingot database, you've got over 4 million referenced data points from samples gathered over the past 25 years from around the world, you've got nothing to worry about - your calibration is as solid as a rock. Not sure which category you fall into? Give us a call +44 1327 810910. 

Want to know more about datasets? Aunir has recently published a Technical Note about this very subject. Email Caroline to get hold of a copy.