The Aunir manifesto 2015

We are just days away from the General Election here in the UK. Party leaders are on their campaign trails making promises and setting expectations for the general public. This got us thinking... do you know what Aunir promises and more importantly delivers? Here is the Aunir manifesto:

  • We are solely focussed on NIR calibration development and delivery. Nothing else.
  • We are specialists in data and in making light work for you.
  • We promise to help you with your NIR issues, even if they aren't related to calibrations.
  • We are committed to increasing the number of people using NIR across the globe. Why? To help reduce the cost of quality control which in turn will encourage more of it hence constantly improving quality standards.
  • We will remain at the core of the NIR industry, working with all instrument manufacturers to give customers around the world access to the Ingot database. 
  • We will never stop adding more samples and more data to our Ingot database.

Place your NIR vote in Aunir. Get in touch with us today to find out how to get involved.