So you've collected your sample, scanned it on your NIR machine, created the spectra file which is then run through the calibrations you have invested in and now you have your results in front of you. Sometimes that is enough. You can continue your day-to-day operations knowing that your raw materials or finished products have been checked against your quality requirements.

But what if you want to compare your analysis results over time? And what about the data from your other site that usually gets emailed to you every month? What if that data was instantly accessible for you to scrutinise along with all the data from your site? Do you want to compare results from the morning shift with the afternoon shift? Or perhaps two different suppliers?

Sound interesting? We think so too! That is why we are building a new piece of software to do all this and more. It is called Ingot Stat.

If you want to find out more about Ingot Stat, get in touch with Will Greenwood who will happily tell you about the project and when we expect to have the first demo ready to show you.