AusScan Online

AusScan Online

Giving you access to in vivo energy calibrations for poultry, swine and ruminants.

Introducing a calibration to measure reactive lysine in soya and canola.

Introducing a calibration to measure Faecal Starch in dried faeces (Ruminants)

You can't get these NIR calibrations anywhere else in the world. 


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What is AusScan Online?

Aunir and Pork CRC have come together to make the AusScan calibrations available to customers all over the world via a new website - AusScan Online.

Download the AusScan Online leaflet here 

What calibrations does the AusScan Online website include?

As well as the internationally unique calibrations for in vivo energy in poultry, swine and ruminants, and reactive lysine for soya and canola, AusScan Online will also predict values of proximates, amino acids, NSPs and an Acidosis Index. Recently, we have added a calibration to analyse the amount of undigested starch in ruminant faeces.  Click here to explore the full range of calibrations in more detail. 


How do I upload spectra to the AusScan Online website?

Click here to download the user guide


Ready to create your AusScan Online account? Here is how... 

  • Click here to access the AusScan Online website.
  • Fill out the form on the 'Create new account' page - you can find this by clicking the tab at the top of the AusScan Online login page.
  • Before we can confirm your account, you need to provide us with a completed Credit Application Form (download by clicking here). Email your completed form to
  • By signing up to this website you agree to be bound by our Ts and Cs. 
  • Once everything has been approved, you will receive an email welcoming you to the website.
  • The first time that you upload a spectra, you are likely to see a message saying that we need to take a closer look at your file. This is so that we can characterise your file to our data set and will only need to happen once.
  • Log into AusScan Online as often as you need to. Upload your spectra files, choose which calibrations you want to run and get the results delivered back to you. It is as simple as that!


Only pay for the calibrations you use, giving you the information that you want. Nothing else.