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Ingot Stat is the new software package from Aunir which enables you to make the most of your NIR instrument. Ingot Stat takes data generated by your NIR instrument and analyses it, allowing you to make rapid decisions based on the quality of your raw materials and finished products.

Gain insights and turn your NIR information into knowledge through the trending functionality, email alerts, customised certificates of analysis and flexible quality reports all available from Ingot Stat.

Ensure you are maximising the return on your NIR instrument. Contact Aunir to arrange an Ingot Stat demonstration today.



At Aunir, we don't just turn data into information for you (through our Ingot calibrations), we can also turn information into knowledge. 

Specman collates, stores, analyse, and report all of your NIR results helping you to gain more insights into your business. 

And following feedback from our customers who rely on Specman to run their operations, we are making several improvements to the software. 2016 will see the launch of Ingot Stat (the new Specman). 


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